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   1) Organize the code in proper files and do some cleanup. Currently everything is in one big file.    --  DONE (partially)

   2) Add boundary checks for files during writing. No file should allow writing more than a blocksize ( 4096 currently).  -- DONE

   3) Check for previous dirty unmounts and add a mount flag/option to force mount and clean.   -- DONE

   4) Implement support for "df". Currently if you try to do "df -k" it gives something like this   -- DONE

        df: `/root/fs/changed/neat/mount': Function not implemented

   5) Inode number is not needed on ondisk inode structure so remove it .

   6) Add support for mkdir, ln, touch.

   7) Add journaling





The section contains the open bugs in NGFS till now. Each bug should mention the source code (in downloads section) in which it is present.

If you are working on some bug, please write your name or update status below it.




    1) Correct the write code . It writes the data but throws a warning too with vi.

    2) Sometimes I can see a data lost for some files during mount and remount.

    3) block bitmap doesnt seem to be updated while allocating new inodes. Note that by since by default each inode corresponds to a block, we don't actually need block bitmap but still it should work :-).

        Even a 0 byte sized file should have a preallocated blocknumber as per its inode number




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