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Welcome to NNGFS !!



This place is for people who want to learn linux filesystems. I wanted to learn filesystems but could not find any example of good disk based sample filesystems online useful enough, who taught writing filesystems from scratch. There are examples of memory based filesystems and some disk based filesystem for 2.4 . A ported version for kernel of this filesystem is available <here> (There are some dirty debugging statements, but the code is pretty much the old one and any bugs introduced are due to my limited knowledge of filesystems). But there was too much of code and there were too many things already implemented which i didn't care to look unless i atleast understood how a filesystem is mounted. Idea behind is to learn everything step by step starting from just loading the file system module and registering your file system to a full fledged file system.


The codes in download section add one feature at a time, so you know that what bare minimum is necessary for a particular functionality to work. Note that i have also just started learning so the code isn't very clean and optimized. There are lots of dirty and unnecessary debugging statements.


We are just the beginers so if you too want to learn and contribute, mail one of us to join.


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